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Carolyn Lee PLLC offers traditional EB-5 services based on industry standard-setting experience in all areas of EB-5 representation.

These services include:

Founder Carolyn Lee has prepared successful regional center designation applications for regional centers across America for a decade. She is also attuned to what clients can expect around the corner. Carolyn has studied and authored comments on proposed EB-5 reform legislation and USCIS’s recent regional center-related rulemaking activities. These insights add a critical layer of preparation to clients’ regional center designation filings.

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An exemplar application properly prepared will have all the elements USCIS must review before approving an actual EB-5 project. These documents include not only a comprehensive business plan and economic impact study for the EB-5 project, but also organizational and transactional documents.Carolyn Lee PLLC will work with other advisors and professionals including corporate/securities counsel, economists and business plan writers to prepare and submit a client’s exemplar application. Experience and industry leadership allow Carolyn Lee PLLC to constantly monitor trends and structure clients’ exemplars accordingly.

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Expanding the originally-approved regional center geography requires a formal amendment. Moreover, generally, the formal amendment must be approved before investor I-526 petitions may be filed. USCIS has also issued recent Policy Manual revisions touching on regional center geography. Geographic expansion amendments are more complex than in the past and requires nuanced counseling. When considering expanded areas in which promote economic growth, Carolyn Lee PLLC helps clients navigate the new landscape.

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It happens to the best of projects. The USCIS Examiner may not have understood an aspect of the commercial transaction. She may have simply missed an exhibit already included. She may find the comprehensive business plan to fall short. She may also have made legal errors in her line of questioning. In the range of issues USCIS may raise in an RFE or ITD, some are easy to address; others are Pandora’s boxes in innocent disguise, and still others pose serious threat to investors’ priority date retention. Carolyn Lee PLLC helps clients evaluate the nature of an RFE or ITD and strategize with the client on a response grounded in EB-5 law.

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All is not lost. Legal errors may have driven the denial. Persuasive new evidence may exist. USCIS is bound to the standard of “preponderance of the evidence.” This means that if a client’s evidence more likely than not establishes the necessary point, it’s not proper to demand more. While more evidence and deeper legal analysis will likely accompany the next steps, a client may have suffered a flawed decision that should be fought. Carolyn Lee PLLC can evaluate the basis for the denial and discuss potentially favorable facts.

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This is where the rubber meets the road. All the prior years’ efforts culminate in the Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions (Form I-829). Well before a project’s first I-829 is due to be filed, the project manager must begin preparing the I-829 project template for investors. This all-important set of project documents will, ideally, establish that the business plan progressed on track and job creation is satisfied for all investors. Often enough, though, businesses and job creation do not go as initially planned. Founder Carolyn Lee’s leading experience in preparing successful and diverse I-829 project documentation helps project clients deliver on this critical milestone in all situations, straightforward and complex.

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Each investor has a dream. The investor’s family has worked hard to accumulate the significant wealth needed for EB-5 immigration. As an immigrant herself, Carolyn Lee understands that immigration is a leap of faith toward a brighter future. At Carolyn Lee PLLC, the care of each investor case will reflect engagement with each investor’s goals and particular facts. Founder Carolyn Lee has assisted thousands of investors achieve I-526 Petition approval, overcoming in many instances complex requests for evidence. Carolyn Lee PLLC puts the experience and understanding behind investor representation.  

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This is indeed the most important stage in an EB-5 investors long immigration process. Stakes are high. Children will have been born or are going to school in the U.S. Houses will have been bought, businesses started, friendships created. Carolyn Lee PLLC knows that it boils down to this moment and has helped clients through complex material change and job creation scenarios. These situations include initial job shortage, delay, and macro-economic factors affecting particular businesses. Carolyn Lee PLLC would be pleased to put the full weight of this experience to help clients reach the summit with a successful I-829 petition.

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Carolyn Lee PLLC Approach

EB-5 is a dynamic and challenging area of U.S. immigration. Carolyn Lee PLLC equips clients with counsel rooted in the law with clear views of both the current landscape and changes on the horizon.