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EB-5 RIA: Protecting Investors From Fraud and Malfeasance

by Carolyn Lee

May 21, 2024

Fresh from the press, a quote on Marta Lillo‘s article on “How EB-5 due diligence can detect fraud“. Click here to read the full article.

For immigration attorney Carolyn Lee, the founder of Carolyn Lee PLLC, since 2022, the RIA helps prevent situations like this for upcoming projects. “The RIA, for the first time in the history of the EB-5 program, sets about protecting investors from fraud and malfeasance. It says, ‘If you did everything right but put your faith in program players who are terminated or debarred, Congress will take steps to protect your immigration and give you avenues to correct course.’ This is amazing. Moreover, USCIS is signaling that it will honor the spirit of this new provision set out in section 203(b)(5)(M) of the Act as added by the RIA.

Marta Lillo (2024)

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