E2 Flow™

We have designed a process and cultivated partnerships around the globe to make your E2 process as seamless as possible.

What is Needed to File an E-2 Visa?

How Does the CLP E2 Flow™ Help?

Our proprietary process integrates all you need for your E-2 Visa Application. Share your information securely for our review. We will advise on your E-2 enterprise, putting our 15 years of investment immigration project building experience to work for you. We will work with our team of professionals to complete your E-2 business plan, fulfill the E-2 enterprise’s corporate formalities, and fully document your E-2 case for submission to the appropriate U.S. consulate or to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

After we submit the E-2 visa application, our concierge investment immigration services give you the tools to navigate the future with confidence. Carolyn Lee PLLC offers personalized Zoom sessions to prepare clients for the consular interview, debrief after the interview, cover the next steps—and to send our congratulations!

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