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Complex EB-5

Carolyn Lee PLLC puts command of EB-5 law behind complex EB-5 cases. Already among the most complex immigration areas, recent changes in regulation, longer processing times, visa backlogs, and proposed additional changes create a thick soup to navigate.

Seeing and cutting through EB-5 complexities are in Carolyn Lee PLLC’s wheelhouse.

We’re seeing more than twice the denial rates in EB-5 than we saw in the past two years. Each RFE and NOID merits scrutiny to understand the Agency’s concerns and respond appropriately. Bring EB-5 law to bear on this important opportunity to clarify the record and move forward.

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When a regional center receives a request for information or a notice of intent to terminate, it’s a call for utmost attention. Having written extensively on proposed USCIS oversight measures, Carolyn Lee understands the Agency perspective. For your RFI or NOIT reply, depend on counsel who has advised the longest-standing regional centers as well as the newly-formed maintain their good standing.

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Managing inevitable changes during extended EB-5 project lifespans will set the durable projects apart. Attorney Carolyn Lee’s corporate transactional experience and years of material change scholarship and advocacy set her apart. Take control over business adaptations to protect your project and investors.

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Redeployment is one of the most difficult areas of EB-5 advising today. The 2017 policy is new and the guidance unclear. Diligent, good faith clients wonder how to confidently move forward in the current fog. Formulate the plan forward with Carolyn Lee PLLC guiding you through the policy roadmap.

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Shedding light on the EB-5 Program helps finders of fact and law narrow the issues in conflict. Carolyn Lee has served as EB-5 expert in a variety of litigation settings, state and federal, to clarify the immigration context behind the litigation.

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