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Carolyn Lee has vast experience in EB-5 representation and has served as industry leader and EB-5 commentator for over a decade. She is Chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) National EB-5 Committee. She has steered clients through the most dynamic period of growth in EB-5 program history and is an advocate for long term reauthorization and expansion of the EB-5 program.


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Despite the many uncertainties in the Covid-19 world, one thing is certain: Hong Kongers have emigration options. Countries including the U.K., Japan, and Australia have all expressed a desire to welcome Hong Kong residents into their countries. Most notably, the U.K. has offered Hong Kong BN(O)s a path to residency and [...]

Important: USCIS Clarifies I-924A Filing Instructions – FY 2020

By |2020-12-14T13:25:03-05:00December 14th, 2020|Alerts|

Important: USCIS Clarifies I-924A Filing Instructions – FY 2020 December 14, 2020 While the USCIS Form I-924A filing instructions here indicate that “you can use the 11/21/19” edition until January 5, 2021, there are two versions of the 11/21/19 edition circulating. USCIS will accept the correct version [...]

EB-5 Annual Certifications Due December 29: What Regional Centers and Developers Need to Know about the Form I-924A

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The annual I-924A filing season is upon us. Why is this of critical importance to all EB-5 stakeholders? Because failure to file a timely Form I-924A is cause for USCIS to issue a notice of intent to terminate (NOIT) against the regional center. Under the current USCIS policy, if a regional center is [...]

IIUSA’s 2020 Virtual EB-5 Industry Forum

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Join us Thursday, November 19th, at 2:00 pm EST, as Carolyn Lee, Principal of Carolyn Lee PLLC, will moderate an essential discussion covering the state of EB-5 visa numbers at the IIUSA (Invest in the USA)’s 2020 Virtual EB-5 Industry Forum. The panel features top EB-5 legal experts who will provide their analysis [...]

Carolyn Lee Quoted in Law360 re: 3 Ways COVID-19 Is Reshaping The EB-5 Landscape

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Carolyn Lee Quoted in Law360 re: 3 Ways COVID-19 Is Reshaping The EB-5 Landscape See the article on Law360 here. Carolyn Lee Quotes: "There are certainly a number of indicators that show that there are players who are looking for opportunities even in this difficult and challenging environment."

Updated EB5 FAQs Based on October 2020 Visa Bulletin

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Updated EB-5 Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) brought to you by Carolyn Lee PLLC. Introduction: The October 2020 Visa Bulletin brought important new information to the EB-5 Community regarding the EB-5 visa backlog and visa availability for the rest of Fiscal Year 2021 and beyond. This Updated CLP FAQ reflects insights from the October 2020 [...]

Carolyn Lee and IIUSA Jointly Analyze the October 2020 Visa Bulletin

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Carolyn Lee and IIUSA's Joint Analysis of the October 2020 Visa Bulletin -- What Does It Mean for EB-5? September 29, 2020 The fiscal year 2021 starts October 1 and the October 2020 Visa Bulletin is published. There are over 120,000 additional visa numbers spilling over into the Employment-Based categories, EB-1 through EB-5. What is the impact on [...]

World on the Move: E-2 and EB-5 Visas for the Global Citizen

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September 2020 We had a wonderful E-2 and EB-5 webinar hosted by BLS with active audience participation! Clearly, the world is on the move and interested in U.S. investment immigration. See our event featured on BLS here. You can see the video of our global webinar on Youtube here. Thank you again to the many [...]

#eb5redeployment – Continue Sending Comments

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EB-5 Redeployment Policy Update: Keep Sending Comments to USCIS #eb5redeploymentdueprocess August 31, 2020 By Carolyn Lee The official due date for comments to the redeployment Policy Manual update was before August 24, 2020. However, according to the USCIS website, the public “can submit feedback on the USCIS Policy Manual at any time” (emphasis added). See [...]

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